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July/28/2013 - Feb
Its a real plresuae to find someone who can think like that httplmngvoatgyvcom urlhttpmhvtqcidfklcommhvtqcidfklurl linkhttpmtxpfxzdegcommtxpfxzdeglink
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July/26/2013 - Zonun
Just to clarify a hrefhttpjitjhzhedjicomnaoantillya published books are part of the mainstream media but I dont want to quibble as this is a detail of little importanceWhat should be noted is that there are many more antiBush and antiBush Administration books on the New York Times Best Sellers list which includes all sales and not just those of Amazon than there are antiObama books The Dark Side by Jane Mayer ranks nd What Happened by Scott McClellan Bushs former press secretary ranks th and The Prosecution of George W Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi ranks th th ranked The PostAmerican World by Fareed Zakaria though not focused on the Bush Administration in particular criticizes the way the Iraq War has been handledThe only antiObama book on this list is th ranked Fleeced by Dick Morris but this book is not exclusively antiObama it is more accurate to say it is antibig government and levies criticisms against McCain tooThe Washington Post lists Fleeced as th on their list but then again they list The Dark Side nd What Happened th and Goodnight Bush by Erich Origen Gan Golan a parody of a childrens book that depicts a childlike George W Bush tucked safely away in the confines of his own room with all of the toys hes willfully destroyed abused or defaced th The PostAmerican World is also on this list ranked thSo there you go Americans are much more interested in reading about the missteps and deceptions of the Bush Administration than criticisms of Obama
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July/24/2013 - Natasha
scriveciao Antonio finalmente mi sono decsio a iscrivermi al tuo corso suono la chtarra si fa pe dire dal e da allora ne ho comprati tatissimi di corsi video corsi e libri tutti accantonati e persi per strada sono appassionato di Pink Floyd Dire Straits spero alla fine del corso di poter suonare the wall tunnel of love etcetc la prima lezione sembra ottima ciao
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